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Southgate Civic Club Update - Deed Restrictions

Click Here to download the original deed restrictions for Southgate neighborhood.  As part of compliance with the deed restrictions, property owners must submit plans for construction to the Architectural Review Committee for approval.  The pace of redevelopment in recent years, which includes a trend to construction of larger, taller, and more complex structures, has given rise to questions that cannot be answered by examining the face of Southgate’s Restrictions. Consequently, evaluation of proposed construction in some cases requires legal and factual research and analysis. Among other things, the Civic Club has evaluated the general plan and scheme of the subdivision; the text of Southgate’s restrictive covenants; historic practice interpreting both the general plan and scheme and specific restrictive covenants; court decisions in Southgate and neighboring deed restricted communities, including cases brought by Southampton neighborhood; and, statutes passed by the legislature since 1938.  The Civic Club will continue to interpret and enforce the deed restrictions with the best interests of property owners in the neighborhood in mind.  

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