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Per Abbie Kamin’s office, the re-plat application has been withdrawn and will no longer appear as an agenda item this Thursday 1/9. The applicant is expected to immediately resubmit and the hearing will take place on TBD date in February. There were notification / procedural errors on this first attempt. Our understanding is that is the (only) reason it is withdrawn. If you know someone who planned on attending, please reach out and make sure they are aware of this update.

The University @ Greenbriar restaurant parking variance will still be heard - if you wish to attend and support those neighbors nearby.

12/17/2019: Today the City confirmed that on the 19th the commission will issue a deferral. This deferral was requested by the applicant. Our new hearing date is 1/9/20 at 2:30pm. There is a possibility that it could be deferred one more time to 1/23 at 2:30pm. Please hold both dates on your calendar.

The information page has also been updated. For more information, Click Here.

12/08/2019: The same group that expanded the two duplexes on Sheridan into student dorms owns two contiguous lots at 1933 and 1937 Dryden and has submitted an application to replat them into one ~17,000 sq. ft. lot. For more information, Click Here.

You can also contribute additional funds to help us fund the fight. It is now included the Options for Paying Membership Dues section here.

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Southgate Civic Club Meeting – Rescheduled Thursday October 17, 2019 Rice Stadium R-Room 6:30-7:00pm SGCC Meeting 7:00-8:00pm – Meeting with COH to discuss traffic plan

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